Reef Starter

Kickstart your saltwater aquarium! Reef Starter helps grow beneficial purple coralline algae. Each bottle contains live coralline and beneficial elements.

  • What is
    Reef Starter?

    Reef Starter is an aquacultured mix this is added directly to your saltwater aquarium to help with the development of purple coralline algae and other beneficial calcareous algae to your new or established saltwater environment.

     Each bottle of Reef Starter contains live aquacultured purple corraline algae along with calcium and strontium to help your tank start producing this beneficial algae.

     Beneficial types of calcareous algaes can take months to naturally propogate and grow, Reef Starter helps with the initial start of these types of algaes.

  • What is
    Coralline Algae?

    Coralline algae is considered to be one of the most beneficial types of calcareous algaes for a reef based saltwater environment. In addition to providing beauty to a saltwater tank, coralline algae helps to remove other types of unwanted and invasive algaes including red slime, red and green hair.

     Purple Coralline Algae does not traditionally grow as quickly as other types of nuissance algaes and will not propogate unless added directly from a source such as Reef Starter.

    Due to the varying environmental conditions of customers aquariums, Reef Starter cannot guarantee the efectiveness of this product as it is dependent upon the proper water and chemical conditions of your aquarium.

  • How do you
    use Reef Starter?

    Reef Starter is available in either 2oz or 8oz bottles. To use Reef Starter you will need to temporarily turn off any protein skimmer, then simply shake the bottle and add the entire content to your aquarium. After adding Reef Starter you should wait at least 4 hours before turning on any protein skimming.

    Note: There will be multiple small live rocks with coralline algae in each bottle and they should be added to the tank as well.

    To achieve best results with Reef Starter we recommend a SG reading of 1.020 to 1.025 and a temperature between 79-82F.